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Start living fearlessly.

Say goodbye to feeling alone, overwhelmed, and uncertain in your menopause and anxiety journey. 

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I've Been There.

I specialize in you.
I help you rediscover your spark and find your joy again. 

I'm here to walk with you through your menopause and anxiety journey to reclaim your calm and give you INSTANT RELIEF no matter what you're facing. 

Best of all?  Many of our tools are free–my gift to you!

menopause anxiety coach
menopause anxiety
menopause anxiety coach

Become the Best Version of Yourself 

Empowering you in your journey

Menopause Tools

Anxiety Relief

Personal Growth

Recapturing your Joy

01. Start

Helpful information designed to equip you with the tools you need during this stage of your life

02. Learn

Free and affordable downloadable tools to support your growth and to help you make the best of your journey

03. Grow

My 1:1 coaching package is for women seeking private, customized, deep-dive support.

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Gratitude Journal and self care checklist
 Tips for Women with Anxiety

Empowering Your Mindset: Tips for Women with Anxiety

Anxiety can be overwhelming, especially for us women as we juggle multiple roles and deal with everyday stressors. But amidst the challenges, there's an opportunity for growth. Here are a few strategies to help improve your mindset..


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